Leonie plans to clock up 20th full marathon by 80th birthday

By July 7, 2017 Noticeboard


Inspirational Sports Super Centre member, Leonie Thompson, finished last weekend’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon with a time of 6 hours and 47 minutes, and a smile on her face.

Leonie will turn 70 years old this year, and she’s got some grand plans to complete her 20th Gold Coast marathon well before her 80th birthday.

The remarkable Coombabah fitness fanatic is mad for long-distance running and already has 15 marathons under her belt – 12 of which were Gold Coast races.

“I just love running long distances so much that every race I do, I just can’t stop smiling,” Leonie said. “Once, I did a race where I ran 12-and-a-half hours without stopping. After that race, my kids told me to go and have a rest, but I didn’t want to!

“I want to complete 20 full marathons on the Gold Coast, and if I do one every year, I should have reached my goal by the time I’m 78.”

Lorraine often pounds the pavement for good causes, which makes her efforts even more admirable. In the past, she’s raised funds and awareness for a various charities including World Veterans and cancer research.

“Cancer research in particular is a cause close to my heart,” Leonie said.

“I’ve lost both of my parents to this terrible disease, and I have a son who thankfully has recently recovered from testicular cancer.”

Leonie has been a member at the Sports Super Centre since the beginning of the year, and can be seen at the centre most days.

Around marathon time, locals in the area may also spot her running in the dark at 4am in the middle of winter in her flashing high-visibility yellow active wear.

Seemingly not caring much at all for relaxation, even at home Leonie likes to pass her time on the trampoline, treadmill, ab roller and exercise bike.

“When I’m training for the marathon, I usually run three days a week, and most days I’m at the Sports Super Centre doing yoga, Pilates, boxing, gym workouts and Body Pump.

“I just love this gym – if I lived across the road I’d be here more often!”

At next year’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon, Leonie plans to train especially hard and cross the finish line in under six hours to raise funds and awareness for Lifeline.

Congratulations to all Sports Super Centre members who competed in every event at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon last weekend. We look forward to hosting you at the centre’s VIP tent again next year!


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