Phil at Gold Coast Performance Center

Phil Day

Personal Trainer

Before joining the Gold Coast Performance Centre in 2000, Phil was a personal trainer in the Australian Navy for 14 years.
Phil focuses on exercise prescription to lose weight and get fit for clients as well as functional training and core stability to improve longevity.
Phil is a lifetime passionate Collingwood supporter and played football in Melbourne for over 20 years. Go the Pies!

Susie at Gold Coast Performance Center

Susy Cockcroft

Personal Trainer

Susy has worked in the fitness industry, specialising in females 15 yrs - 90 yrs old, for over 11 years. With a focus on exercising through pregnancy and post-natal, Susy also assists women with functional training, toning and sculpting.

Steve at Gold Coast Performance Center

Steve Middleton

Personal Trainer

With over 8 years’ experience as a fitness professional, Steve is committed to enhancing the quality of life and personal performance of the people he supports, enabling them to do what they love for a lifetime. You will often hear him say “My mission is to train, educate and mentor people to build the skills and capabilities they need to live a healthy lifestyle, while being physically and mentally prepared to follow all the pursuits they desire. Injuries can be overcome, strength and fitness can be trained and mindset can be adjusted. We all have what it takes; some of us just don’t know it yet”.
Using evidence based, progressive and sustainable training methods, Steve delivers fun and personalised training programs to individuals and small groups. You will learn proper exercise technique, the power of your mind and how to minimise the risk of injury in the pursuit of your specific goals. He also works with youth to deliver sport specific programs that can be applied to a range of sporting disciplines.

Matt Whitehouse

Matt Whitehouse

Personal Trainer

Growing up on the Gold Coast, Matt has been involved in Sport, Health and Fitness for over 10 years. After a number of years competing in Triathlon and working in the fitness industry full time. Matt quickly learnt the positive impact structured strength training, functional movement and mobility can have on our day to day lives. Matt has a passion for helping everyday people achieve their goals no matter how big or small!

Ash | Trainer at Gold Coast Performance center

Ash Cramond

Personal Trainer

Ash’s fitness career began in California in 2004 with a focus on weight loss and mobility. After 17+ years of working with clients, he has gained valuable insight into what it takes to motivate people to help them reach their fitness goals.
After spending over 15 years snowboarding and mountain biking in the mountains of California, Ash is happy to be back on the beaches of the Gold Coast where he enjoys skateboarding and biking with his wife and two young boys.
He prides himself on being a great listener and an effective communicator, believing there is never a one size fits all approach to personal fitness and proper nutrition.
Ash specializes in weight loss, nutrition, post-partum core repair and improved mobility.

Kate | Trainer at Gold Coast Performance Center

Kate Wallwork

Personal Trainer

Kate believes that willpower and consistency is the key to achieving results. 10+ years of involvement in sports and fitness such as soccer, rugby, gridiron and currently cross fit has influenced her passion for the fitness industry and drives her to motivate those wanting more from their health and fitness. She is on a mission to guide people to see what their body’s capabilities are and set a goal for strength across all ages.
When you train with Kate, not only will she provide you with multiple training styles, you will gain knowledge on proper technique, mobility and functional movement to improve your everyday life.

Personal Training Packages

Personal Training sessions are available to our members on a half hourly or hourly basis and pre-paid at an additional cost. There are a number of options available – all of our trainers have a number of training options to suit your needs. Get in touch with us below to start your fitness journey with one of our team members!

Anyone from a beginner to an elite athlete can benefit from a Personal Trainer so don’t wait any longer!