The Runaway Bay Sport and Leadership Excellence Centre (RBSLEC) is an outdoor education centre that is set amongst the elite sporting facilities of the Gold Coast Performance Centre. Our camps utilise this world-class venue, the Runaway Bay Sport precinct and the nearby Broadwater to deliver Sport and Leadership Development programs to students in Years 3 to 12 that are aligned to the Australia Curriculum. Providing learning experiences that encourage Action, Challenge and Teamwork; our teachers aim to empower the 10,000 students that attend RBSLEC annually to lead themselves and positively influence others. Please contact us for more information about our programs.

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Leadership + Sport

Day programs and multi-night camps
A range of challenging activities delivered onsite and the beautiful Broadwater
Tailored programs that meet specific school objectives
Sport and Leadership frameworks explicitly aligned to the Australian Curriculum
Promoting the value of personal growth and the skills associated with effective teamwork.
Building students awareness of themselves and their understanding of their influence over others.

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Great culture which fits perfectly into our own school values. Teachers were great and respectful and took time to get to know the students in their group.

Centenary Heights (Year 7)

All students were engaged and participated fully in all activities that were provided. Every students (even those with limitations) were able to participate fully and enjoyed doing so.

Burleigh Heads SS (Year 6)

Enthusiastic staff who support and encourage students personal growth. Consistently using language of character strengths.

Bounty Boulevard SS (Year 5)

Excellent thorough planning and communications with the centre staff.

Coombabah SS (Year 5)

The athlete development session was great! Students learnt important skills that will help them grow into the best possible athlete.

Pacific Pines SHS Sport Ex (Year 7-9)

Student reflections were very effective at highlighting each individuals observable and personal growth.

UCSC Yr 11


Our leadership program takes students on a journey of self-discovery as students learn about themselves and how to effectively interact with others.

The program introduces students to 6 different Character Strengths that have been developed from the concepts associated with positive psychology and the Australian Curriculum. Students will be given an opportunity to connect with their Character Strengths by going through a process of self-reflection and identifying their personal values.

By understanding these values and establishing a greater depth of self-awareness, students will work on building their confidence to utilise their Character Strengths in a range of different activities that challenge them in group settings and aim to take them out of their comfort zone.

Click here to view an Example 3 Day Leadership Program.


Our Sport Development program encourages students to adopt a high-performance mentality by exposing them to the 6 ‘off field’ focus areas that make up the ‘ME’ Student Athlete Framework.

Our expert team of teachers deliver a range of fitness-based and team-building activities across our world-class sporting facilities. While participating in these challenging sessions, students are led on reflections that emphasise the importance of a positive MINDSET and build their understanding of the power of their influence through their output and how they allocate their ENERGY.

A Sport Development camp at RBSLEC is also a great opportunity to take students into a high-performance environment to establish or reinforce the cultural pillars that underpin successful school-based sporting programs.

Click here to view an Example 3 Day Sport Excellence Program.

Educational Activities

Amazing Race
Aquatic Games
Beach Volleyball
Disco Night
Field Games
Guess the Lyrics
Initiative Games
Indigenous Kombumerri Games

Laser Tag
Outdoor Team Challenge
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Prouty’s Landing
Raft Building
Speed for Sport
Spin Class
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Team Obstacle Course