Inkco will be the naming sponsor for the 2019 Athletics Sprint Series to be held at the BLK Performance Centre on the Gold Coast. Inkco has committed to a $5000.00 prize for a performance that betters the current Open National 100m record either Male or Female set at;

  • Patrick John 9.93
  • Melissa Breen 11.11

The athlete must run below the set time regardless of the wind reading. In the event no athletes break the time barrier, $500.00 prize money will be awarded to the fastest Male and fastest Female athlete of the series.

Any athletes travelling that require onsite accommodation, please contact the BLK Performance Centre at

Event Schedule

Inkco Winter Series Meet Date Events Schedule
2019 Running Results Results
15 Nov Sprint Hurdles 6:00pm
100m 6:20pm
400m 6:40pm
High Jump 6:00pm
Discus 6:30pm

Event times are estimation based on minimal numbers to start with. The goal is to grow but keeping within a manageable 1.5hour time frame.

The InkCo Athletics Sprint Series is proudly brought to you by: