Do you want to host a team building event with a difference? The Gold Coast Performance Centre works with Character Builders to offer team building and leadership programs for corporate groups, sporting teams and schools.

The sessions are tailored to each group which offer experiential learning programs to promote:

» Teamwork

» Leadership

» Communication

2024 Program Guide

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Leadership Programs

Students and staff can expect to engage in plenty of practical and hands-on leadership experiences as they practice stepping up at times, stepping back at times and encouraging others. The team will challenge the group through a number of intentional leadership experiences. By the end of the program students will have developed a strong sense of self-worth, capability, resilience and readiness to step up to new challenges as they move forward in their education and lives.

Character based outcomes include:
– Investing in self-awareness and awareness of others.
– Leadership skills and capacity to serve others (Servant Leadership).
– Developing quality and depth of character through practical leadership experiences.
– Empowering leaders to discover their personal value set and leading from below.

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Team Building

Fun-filled, team focused experiences. Character Builders are experts in setting the right tone for the day and empowering each student and staff to get involved. Students will love practising deliberate, core teamwork skills. In this program, winning isn’t everything! Teams will see that the real win is behind the culture and how the game is played.

Character based outcomes include:
– The importance of building resilience working with others outside their comfort zones.
– Investing in strategies on how to build positive peer culture and connection.
– Creating authentic experiences which promote social skills of life-long learning.
– Empowering students with skills and strategies to work effectively in teams.

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Culture and Communcation

Learn the importance of respectful communication and identifying strengths in others as well as yourself. The Character Builders Communication program complements existing pastoral care programs to assist in personal development and resilience. Working closely with their peers, students will be encouraged out of their comfort zones to connect, collaborate and communicate openly through a series of whole-group and team-based activities.

Character based outcomes include:
– Delivering tangible takeaways to help students engage in their social surroundings.
– Encouraging students to take ownership of their role in the social group or team dynamic; removing judgment and engaging curiosity in communication and collaboration instead of fear.
– Introducing positive strategies for self-awareness and identity, building relationships and interpersonal skills
– Empowering students to recognise the capacity in their character growth.

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Team Building Activity

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