Tips to get ready for the Gold Coast Marathon


As summer fades away and the cooler temps creep in, thongs get replaced by runners and people start hitting the pavement. Fun runs are popping up on the calendar and Gold Coast Airport Marathon is approaching. But a lot of us haven’t thought about running since summer kicked in!

So what do you need to get started?

1. Equipment, you will need the gear to help you along the way. Essentials are a good pair of running shoes. Having the right pair of shoes will make running and walking 10 times more comfortable. Where to shop? With hundreds of different shoes on offer, from brands to style, it’s important you get the right on shoe selection. Athlete’s foot will be able to tell you what sort of shoe best fits your foot then from there you pick whatever is most comfortable – and Sports Super Centre Members get a 10% discount there too! When you’re pounding the pavement there is nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes.

2. Get yourself moving: If you haven’t been running much already there is no point in jumping straight in the deep end. Throw on your new shoes and head out for a 30min walk where you might do 1 min of running after 4mins of walking. Then next time do 2 mins running 3 mins walking etc. Progression is the key to building fitness and enjoying what you do. Our centre does a running club every Tuesday night from 6pm. Matt tailors the session to suit all needs an abilities. So come along for a run or feel free to drop by and ask some questions.

3. Finally the event – choose an event that will keep you motivated and on your feet. Corporate Challenge host a series of fun runs here at the Super Centre. From a 5km fun run to the progressive series it’s a great way tackle your first fun run with fun atmosphere in your own back yard. I challenge you all to enter an event at this year’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon. The 5.7km or 10km event are a great way to be a part of this annual event – We will all be there ready to enjoy a big day of achievements from our members. Grab your early bird entry from reception and get amongst it. Until then I’ll see you Tuesday nights or out on the pavements!

Lastly email and join our team at the start/finish line!

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