10 Tips to motivate yourself to exercise this winter

By April 24, 2015 Health and Fitness


1. Sleep in your workout gear.

2. Put your alarm clock across the other side of the room.

3.”Cold? Pffftttt!! Toughen up Princesses, this ain’t cold!!” – Steve Middleton, UK

4. Think how lucky you are that you can exercise!

5. Remember that the morning is the best time of the day – try a walk or jog along the Broadwater.

6. Think that you could be in Canberra where the temperature is below 0.

7. Reward yourself! (but don’t go overboard)

8. Recruit a personal trainer.

9. Set a goal for yourself.

10. Sign up for the Marathon (email tfene5@eq.edu.au before April 29 to join our team!)

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