The weather is starting to get much cooler, days are getting shorter and darker. Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button more than usual lately? Feel like eating more and doing less? You’re not alone – these are natural responses to the colder weather and shorter days in winter, and you’ll be happy to hear even our fittest Personal Trainers aren’t immune. Here are our top 10 tips to stay motivated this Winter!

1 Train for an event
Having a goal will act as a trigger to get you up on your feet and out the door to help you stay motivated this winter. Think about one of the shorter races at the GC Marathon, try a spartan race or Kokoda Challenge, compete in a new sport like triathlon or find a local event to keep you fit, healthy and motivated.

2 Set a goal
Try setting a goal like losing a certain number of kilos, or reducing a certain percentage of body fat. We have an onsite Nutritionist Located at Atkins Health if you need some guidance. Don’t set an unrealistic target

3 Try something new
Jump on the rowing machine, or join a group exercise class. Chances are you’ll get a massive buzz and it will keep you going for months. We have also just launched the new LES MILLS GRIT Program!

4 Take up a winter sport
You don’t have to train to join the Titans or Suns. How about joining in the friendly touch football our members play at the Gold Coast Performance Centre on Monday afternoons, or even the walking club?

5 Get a PT
Personal Trainers are the masters of motivation. They’ll also get your better results by targeting your training just the way you need it.

6 Learn to love the cold
Be honest with yourself – Runaway Bay isn’t Siberia! It’s actually a pretty perfect climate for training in winter – not too hot and not too cold. Switch your mindset and embrace the “cold”. PS we also get some of the best sunrises and sunsets in winter – get out there! Winter is also the perfect time to explore the GC Hinterland so don your boots and start exploring!

7 Reward yourself
Recognise when you’ve achieved a hard-earned goal and reward yourself. Even if that’s treating yourself to a food or meal you’ve been abstaining from. Just don’t reward yourself every day!

8 Trick yourself
Get a heater for your room and turn it on full blast when your alarm goes off. When you get out of bed, rug up and get going. It’s only going to be cold getting from your house to your car and then your car  to the gym/class. Before you know it you’ll be working up a sweat!

9 Get a workout buddy
If you haven’t already got one, find one – anyone! Firstly, you’ll be much more inclined to get out of bed if you know your friend is waiting out in the cold for you. And secondly, pain loves company and you’ll be in it together!

10 Book a ski holiday
Anyone who’s been skiing or snowboarding knows just how hard it works your body. The next morning you’ll feel like you’ve been bounced around a pinball machine! Book your holiday, get in shape for it, then at the end of it all enjoy the treat and a great workout!

Stay motivated this winter and come spring you’ll be bouncing out of bed racing towards your goals!

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