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We love our members here at the Sports Super Centre. And we love it even more when they share with us stories about their experiences here. Bonnie Harris recently wrote to us to tell us all about how she lost 36kgs in six months!

August 2013 – I said to myself: “Holy moly, I have to see my feet again and get my health back URGENTLY!”

I joined the Sports Super Centre with the encouragement of my Dad, Stu Harris Snr (Martial Arts), Mum, Di Harris (fit as a fiddle), little bro, Stuey Harris JNR (inspiration) and big sis Kyla Thoms (Diamond Leader for Weight Watchers).

My little daughter Sass had turned one and all my focus had been on raising her and learning how to be a first time Mum – babies don’t come with a very helpful manual! My weight got away from me. I kept hearing about this “Froggies” place, so on the 2nd of September 2013, Sass spent her first hour playing at Froggies and I did my first class at Runners!

September 2nd 2013 – Introduced to “RPM”… WOW!! I thought that I was going to vomit almost all week as I tried to keep up with these bikies/spinners. It didn’t help that Dad was in front row boxing as well as spinning on these bikes! Perseverance through all this and a strong mind made me ride a little faster, week by week and gaining my strength and determination I lost a few kilo’s and thought, “Hmmm I can do this!!”

I started to “Suck it up Princess” more and more each class and after a few more kilos were gone I thought to myself, “I’ll set some bigger goals”. With the awesome support from my husband Travis, I was able to turn four classes a week into six or seven, which meant I could come in the evening as well. To date I do about 6-7 classes per week, have shed 36kgs in six months, and feel stronger, healthier and much happier – laughing is great exercise too!!!

It’s only an hour out of your day per class and once you have completed that class you feel AWESOME!! I can’t recommend it enough to stay strong and focused, build up your confidence slowly and be proud of every gram you lose!!!

I hope to be seeing less of me still visually as I continue with my weight loss journey 😉 So come give me a hug when you see me at the Sports Super Center! Usually on the bikes in the “Night Club Spin Room” with Tracey ‘Feelmemore’ Fenemore/ Amanda / Julia, and on the field with Scuba Steve our fearless 101 Athletic Development Trainer!

Thank you Sports Super Centre!! Couldn’t have come this far without you and your team 🙂

Bon x

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