Are you looking for inspiration while planning a travel experience for a group? Look no further than the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

The Gold Coast is rich with options for groups travelling, be it for sport, culture or the friendly laid back beach vibe. The Gold Coast is renowned for the white, clean beaches and fun tourist attractions, however, many are unfamiliar with the beautiful green hinterland or the elite sporting facilities. With so many activities and attractions available on the Gold Coast, planning an itinerary can be daunting task. Add to this the specific requirements of your particular group you may find yourself scratching your head.

The Reservations team at the Sports Super Centre are professionals at building engaging itineraries for a wide range of groups with diverse needs. From sporting groups to school leadership camps, to study tour groups and corporate incentive trips, our team have seen it all. Whether you are staying on site or in nearby accommodation the Sports Super Centre offers 20 acres of facilities to accommodate the needs of your group. The best part; our friendly staff can help you create a lasting experience for everyone in your group. Take a look at our  list of activities that we offer both on and off site.

We have asked our Reservations team to share their favourite 2 day itineraries for 3 diverse groups.

Check out the itineraries below for inspiration for your next group booking.

Itinerary Rugby

Itinerary Study Tour

Itinerary Leadership

With so many experiences on offer the Gold Coast provides an exceptional experience for groups of all ages and requirements. Visit Destination Gold Coast for must do activities on the Gold Coast. For more information about Sports Super Centre Groups contact .

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