Down Under Bowl rocks the Sports Super Centre

By July 3, 2014 Uncategorized


It’s been a huge week here at the Sports Super Centre – and if you saw the size of some of the gridiron players here this week you know what we mean! We’re hosting the Down Under Bowl all this week with the finals on Sunday. The DUB flies the best college juniors in the US travel to the Gold Coast to play against Australia’s best. The competition is a chance for US scouts to spot any potential talent. In fact, one player who was discovered at the DUB several years ago – Jesse “The Monstar” Williams – was last year drafted into the Seattle Seahawks who went on to win this year’s Super Bowl!! Jesse’s little brother Ethan is playing this weekend so get on down for a chance to see another potential super star before he hit the big time!

DUB-02 DUB-08 DUB-06 DUB-05 DUB-04 DUB-03 DUB-07 DUB-09

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