Super Members & Staff Smash Q1 Stair Run

More than a dozen of our members and several staff took on and conquered the 1330 stairs of the Q1 tower for the inaugural Q1 Stair Challenge for Rosies. Although not quite the fastest, legendary Memberships Manager Tracey “Mountain Goat” Fenemor was the first lass to reach top, and member Simon Brook the first bloke! Another member Danella Rockley was the first person to start the climb, and our lovely account keeper Liz Fenton also made the dash and snapped a few of these pics of herself and buddies below.

Thanks Simon Brook for the GoPro runner’s eye view above, and congratulations to all staff and members involved. Email us your pics and we’ll add them here.

Stair-run IMG_9100 IMG_3449 IMG_3447 IMG_3445 IMG_3443