Staff Profile: Lisa Johansson

By May 16, 2014 Uncategorized


Anyone who comes to the gym early on a cold winter’s morning is sure to be greeted with a laugh and helping hand by our bubbly Reception Team Leader Lisa Johansson. Lisa-Jo has been with us since 2007, shortly after moving to Hollywell from her childhood home in Nerang. She says she loves living in the area with all its beautiful waterside parks, and enjoys the friendly and upbeat work environment at the Sports Super Centre.

Lisa is the driving force behind the efficiency of our Reception team. People know her as the go-to person when they’ve got a question or need something done. She knows everything about the centre and gets any requests done before you can say “please”! She always shows initiative and displays outstanding leadership – a quality we regard highly here at the “Sport and Leadership Excellence Centre”.

Although born and bred on the Gold Coast, you won’t be surprised to hear blonde-haired, blue-eyed Lisa is half Swedish, her father immigrating here on a ship in the 70s before falling for a local Aussie lass and starting a family. Lisa speaks Swedish with her family and relatives who regularly visit down under, but there’s no doubting she’s a true blue Aussie and is here to stay. With a second baby on the way, she’ll be taking some time off from work soon, but we’re sure she’ll be back after maternity leave.

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