Group Exercise Updates | September 16-22

By September 16, 2016 Noticeboard

Dear Members,

Updates related to the group exercise timetable between September 16-22 can be found listed below.

While every effort is made to ensure we communicate any changes to classes to our members, please be sure to check the Group Exercise Board in the centre’s Sports Walk, speak with your instructor about last-minute changes, or alternatively contact Reception on (07) 5500 9988.

Thank you,

Sports Super Centre – Gold Coast

Group Exercise Updates

  • Join Vicki poolside for Saturday 7.30am DWEX.
  • Julia will be in the saddle for Sunday 8am RPM while Ben is centre stage for the 9am Body Pump.
  • Monday 6am we welcome Ben back to the stage to cover Body Pump – what a great way to get your week started!
  • Kelissa will be in the hot seat on Monday for 6.30pm RPM.
  • Kathy is overseas on long service leave hugging her kids! So Maria will be taking you for a great Exercise to Music class on Tuesday at 8am, while Jenny will be on stage ready to put you through your paces on Thursday at 8am and Friday at 7am.
  • Tuesday 4.15pm and we welcome Wendy back to this popular afternoon Body Pump class.
  • Wednesday and Eugine is also overseas, so join Vicki on the pool deck for both the 8am DWEX and again at the 10.15am DWEX. Please note that Wednesday morning DWEX is at the later time of 8am due to prior pool bookings. We apologise for any inconvenience, but things will be back to normal next week.
  • Join Katie in the gym at 9.30am on Wednesday for MATRIX as Blair takes a well deserved break
  • Thursday and Julia is taking a break, so Tracey will be in the saddle Thursday 4.15pm RPM and Julie jumps into the saddle for the Friday 9.15am RPM.
  • Remember we have a new class for September Thursday at 9am Boxing with Kamila in the boxing area next to the gym.  Rotate between strength, conditioning and cardio using a variety of equipment including mitts, pads, skipping ropes and weights. Great workout suitable for all!
  • If you can’t make the daytime class we also have Boxing Thursday at 6pm and this class is in the red – so if you want to keep it make sure you get yourselves there for an awesome workout with Kamila.
  • Thursday 4.15 RPM join Tracey in the saddle as she covers for Julia and Julie will be taking over the hot seat for the Friday morning 9.15 bike workout.
  • Gin will be taking a break next week so Stella will be taking the Thursday 7am Aqua Zumba, Thursday 4.30pm Zumba and Friday 12 Aqua Zumba.
  • Advance notice that due to prior pool bookings the DWEX class on Saturday 24th September will be at 8am-9am – we apologise for any inconvenience.


New class starts this week – Sprint Training

We are excited to announce the addition of a totally new kind of workout to our already diverse timetable.  What a great opportunity for members to experience the new track under the guidance of a fully qualified coach!

This is great opportunity for members to increase speed and explosive power. Sprinting will help burn fat quickly as well as enhance sports performance. This session will cover speed, agility and fundamental techniques for sprinting.

Wednesday 5pm-6pm (Starting this Wednesday 21 September 2016)

Coach/Instructor: Cherry Harvey – Level 4 Specialist Sprints, Hurdles Relays, Coach, accredited by Athletics Australia.


Pick a card – any card!

Fancy spicing up your workout with something a bit different?  The gym team has each come up with three 30-minute workouts with varying levels of difficulty and using a variety of equipment. And they’re all written on easy-to-read coloured cards available in the gym!

The cards will be available for you to use on the gym desk from today (Friday 16th September). Please let us know how you go – we have a sheet if you can take a minute to tick the program we can see how popular the programs actually are!