Group Exercise Updates |October 27 – November 2

By October 27, 2017 November 21st, 2017 Noticeboard

Dear Members,

Updates related to the group exercise class timetable between October 27-November 2  can be found listed below.

While every effort is made to ensure we communicate any changes to classes to our members, please be sure to check the Group Exercise Board in the centre’s Ron Clarke Way, speak with your instructor about last-minute changes, or alternatively contact Reception on (07) 5500 9988.

Thank you,

Sports Super Centre – Fitness Club

  • Remember, there will be no usual RPM classes tomorrow (28/10) due to the Great Cycle Challenge happening on the same day! Feel free to come along and support this great cause – cycling together to fight kids’ cancer!
  • Saturday Boxing will be with Kamila at 7am.
  • Saturday’s Deep Water Exercise class will this week be with Maria @at 7:30am.
  • For those who have recovered from the Great Cycle Challenge, Sunday RPM is with Kinnie at 8am.
  • On Sunday, Pump will be with Maria at 9am.
  • Dust off those weekend cobwebs on Monday – HIIT will be with Blair at 9:15am.
  • On Tuesday, BodyVive is with Maria at 8am.
  • Wednesday’s BodyVive is wiht Kinnie at 7am.
  • BodyVive is on Thursday with Sonya at 8am.
  • On Friday, BodVive is with Sonya at 7am.
  • Thursday and Zumba will be with Minako at 4:30pm.
  • Friday’s Aqua Zumba class is with Stella at 12pm.
  • Friday Matrix is with Chanel at 10am.