Group Exercise Updates | November 4-10

By November 4, 2016 Noticeboard

Dear Members,

 Updates related to the group exercise timetable between November 4-10 can be found listed below.

While every effort is made to ensure we communicate any changes to classes to our members, please be sure to check the Group Exercise Board in the centre’s Sports Walk, speak with your instructor about last-minute changes, or alternatively contact Reception on (07) 5500 9988.

Thank you,

Sports Super Centre – Gold Coast

  • Join Maria poolside Saturday for the 7.30am DWEX then again Sunday for the 9am Body Pump.
  • We also welcome Chadissa to the Sunday hot seat for 8am RPM.
  • Vicki is away for the next two weeks taking a very well deserved break. While she is away her classes will be covered as follows:
  1. Saturday 9.15am Yoga – Sam
  2. Monday 7am DWEX – Eugine
  3. Tuesday 5.30pm DWEX – Jenny
  4. Tuesday 7pm Yoga – Sam
  5. Wednesday 12noon Aqua Fit – Jenny
  6. Thursday 5.30pm DWEX – Jenny
  7. Thursday 6.30pm Yoga – Sam
  • Julie P will be in the saddle for the 6.30pm RPM on Monday but our new addition to the team Emma will be taking this class permanently from Monday 14th November
  • Remember Gin is back for Zumba on Monday 6.30pm, but there is no Vera Flow.
  • Finally, the Low Impact Exercise class has moved to the new time of 12.30pm with effect from Wednesday 9th November and will be in the Group Exercise studio.
  • Advance warning – Thursday 17th November the DWEX intensive class will be at 8am due to a swim carnival.