Group Exercise Updates | February March 2-8

By March 2, 2018 March 15th, 2018 Noticeboard

Dear Members,

Updates related to the group exercise class timetable between MARCH 2-8 can be found listed below.

While every effort is made to ensure we communicate any changes to classes to our members, please be sure to check the Group Exercise Board in the centre’s Ron Clarke Way, speak with your instructor about last-minute changes, or alternatively contact Reception on (07) 5500 9988.

Thank you,

Sports Super Centre – Fitness Club

  • Remember, Saturday 6am Chanel will be doing an extra HIIT class while the gym is being refurbed – a great substitute for your gym workout!
  • Join Jenny poolside for Saturday DWEX at 7.30am and stay cool in the pool.
  • Kyleen will be centre stage for Anita on Saturday for the 8am Body Pump this weekend.
  • Sam is on board for the crazy double this Sunday – are you up to the challenge? She will be in the saddle at 8am for RPM, followed by a great weights workout in the 9am Body Pump. We dare you!
  • Monday 9am we have that extra RPM with Tracey while the gym is closed or join Blair who will be taking your Monday 9.15am HIIT.
  • Tuesday and we welcome Shireen to the Sports Super Centre Super Team, as she takes over the 9am Body Pump.
  • Wednesday and Chanel is gym side with the 9.30am MATRIX. Or you could join Kinnie in the studio at 10am for a great Body Pump workout – another extra class whilst the gym is closed so you can get your weights fix.
  • Next week, the focus will move to laying the floors, which will take just over a week to complete. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind our members that while the works are undertaken, the gym is out of bounds. Please keep a close eye on signage for direction and ask a member of staff if you have any questions at all.