Group Exercise Updates through Christmas-New Year

By December 15, 2017 January 23rd, 2018 Noticeboard

Dear Members,

Updates related to the group exercise class timetable through the 2017-18 Christmas-New Year break  can be found listed below.

While every effort is made to ensure we communicate any changes to classes to our members, please be sure to check the Group Exercise Board in the centre’s Ron Clarke Way, speak with your instructor about last-minute changes, or alternatively contact Reception on (07) 5500 9988.

Thank you,

Sports Super Centre – Fitness Club


December 16-24 class changes:

  • A reminder that Saturday 16th December DWEX is cancelled.
  • Sunday 8am RPM will be with Julia whilst Ben takes centre stage at 9am for Body Pump.
  • Kathy is away so Kinnie will be taking BodyVive Tuesday 19th December, Jo will take the 20th December with a freestyle class, and Sonya will take BodyVive again the Thursday 21st December 8am and Friday December 22nd at 7am.
  • Saturday 23rd December you have the usual timetable with Maria taking the 7.30am DWEX and Sunday 24th December 9am Body Pump.
  • Join Kristy and Tracey for a sensational pre-Christmas workout at the Saturday 7am RPM – energise for that last minute Christmas shop!
  • Sam will be in the hot seat on December 24th for RPM at 8am for your last chance to calorie burn before the celebrations begin.

 Class changes over Christmas New Year:

  • Advance notice that we will have limited classes between Christmas and the New Year, although we have tried to keep on as many classes as possible. Leaflets with details are available at reception, or alternatively check the Group Ex noticeboard.
  • Dates are from 10am on Friday 29th December to Sunday 7th January – classes will resume as normal timetable on Monday 8th January.

Details as follows:

  • No Pilates Reformer the week of 25th December or 1st January. Reformer will restart week of Monday 8th of January.
  • Please note, we are having the Group Exercise studio floor resealed so have to relocate and change some of our studio classes.

Wednesday 27th December:

  • 6am HIIT – Ben
  • 7am DWEX – Barb
  • 8am Yoga – Jo
  • 9.15am RPM – Julia
  • 9.30am MATRIX – Chanel
  • 10.15am DWEX – Maria
  • 12.00 Aqua Fit – Maria
  • 4.45 HIIT – Chanel
  • 5.30pm RPM – Kristy

Thursday 28th December:

  • 5.30am RPM – Sam
  • 6am Body Conditioning – Chanel
  • 8.30am RPM – Kristy
  • 9am Boxing – Kamila
  • 9.15am Body Pump – Anita
  • 10.15am Mat Pilates – Anita
  • 4.15pm RPM – Julia
  • 5.30pm DWEX – Maria
  • 5.30pm Body Pump – Ben
  • 6pm Boxing – Kamila
  • 6.30pm Yoga – Kayci

Friday 29th December:

  • 6am HIIT – Ben
  • 7am DWEX – Barb
  • 8am Mat Pilates – Nicolas
  • 9am Body Conditioning – Chanel
  • 9.15am RPM – Julia
  • 10am MATRIX – Blair
  • 10am Yoga – Conf room – Jo
  • 10.15am DWEX – Maria
  • 12.00 Aqua Fit – Maria
  • 4pm RPM – Tracey

Saturday 30th December:

  • 7am RPM – Sam
  • 7am Boxing – gym or track – Kamila
  • 7.30am DWEX – Maria
  • 8am Circuit gym (studio closed) – Anita
  • 9.15am Yoga in the conference room – Kayci

 Sunday 31st December

  • 8am RPM – Julia
  • 9am HIIT – in the gym – Ben (studio closed)
  • 10am Yoga in the conference room – Jo

Additional arrangements : 

  • All Yoga and Mat Pilates classes will be in the front conference room as well as Body Vive and Zumba.
  • Body Conditioning classes will be in the gym and Boxing will be in the gym or out on the track.
  • Body Pump has had to be changed to either a circuit type class with Anita Saturday and Thursday, or HIIT type class with Chanel or Ben – all of which will be in the gym.
  • The only class we have had to cancel is Thursday 4th January 5.30pm Body Pump – we have a Boxing class on at 6pm, or you could always jump into the 4.15pm RPM

Class covers are as follows:

  • Wednesday 3rd of January, Jo will do a freestyle at 7am in place of BodyVive whilst Sonya is back with Body Vive 8am Thursday and 7am Friday.
  • Chanel will be in the gym for MATRIX Wednesday 9.30 and Friday 10am whilst Blair is away.
  • Thursday 4th of January join Gin in the 20m pool for that great Latin workout Aqua Zumba at 7am.