Hi Members,

Your Group Exercise and Gym Updates for the following week are:

Saturday 5th October

  • 7.15am            Power Up is with Kamila
  • 7.30am            DWEX is with Vicki
  • 8am                 Pump is with Kinnie

Sunday 6th October

  • 9am                 Pump is with Kyleen

Monday 7th October Public Holiday – Gym Open 7am – 12noon

  • 7.15am            RPM is with Richard
  • 8am                 DWEX is with Vicki
  • 8am                 Pump is with Kyleen

Tuesday 8th October

  • 6am                 Boxing is with Maria
  • 7am                 Aqua Fit is with Stella
  • 9am                 Int DWEX is with Stella
  • 6pm                 RPM is with Linda

Wednesday 9th October

  • 12.30pm          Sprint is with Linda
  • 5.30pm            RPM is with Kristy

Thursday 10th October

  • 6am                       Body Conditioning is with Maria
  • 9am                       Int DWEX is with Stella

Friday 11th October

  • 5.30am                 Box, Run, Spin will be RPM with Linda (45Mins)
  • 7am                       DWEX is with Stella
  • 9am                       Body conditioning is with Linda
  • 10.15am               DWEX is with Eugine


Due to popular demand we have introduced a Pilates class on Saturday 5th October With Tina @ 10.15am after yoga.

Friday HIIT with Steve will be at the new time of 9.30am instead of 10am.