Hi Members!

Your group exercise updates for the next week are:

Saturday 4th January

  • 7am Boxing is with Jayson
  • 7.15am Power Up is with Kamila
  • 7.30am DWEX is with Vicki

Sunday 5th January

  • 9am Pump is with Sonya

Monday 6th January

  • 5.05am HIIT is with Ash
  • 9am Body Fit is with Sonya
  • 12 noon Aqua Fit is with Vicki
  • 5.30pm Yoga is with Laila
  • 6.30pm Zumba is with Minako

Tuesday 7th January

  • 7am Aqua Fit is with Jenny
  • 8am Body Fit is with Sonya

Wednesday 8th January

  • 12 noon Aqua fit is with Vicki
  • 4.30pm Yoga is with Kyleen
  • 4.45pm HIIT is with Kamila

Thursday 9th January

  • 7am Aqua Zumba will be Aqua Fit with Candice
  • 9am DWEX is with Candice

Friday 10th January

  • 7am Body Fit is with Linda
  • 12 noon Aqua Zumba will be Aqua Fit  with Kellie


Other news:

Tuesday 7th January Reformer Pilates will return to normal Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays with Nic at 11.30am.

Monday 6th January TRX will return to normal with Nic on Mondays & Thursdays at 11am.

Wednesday 8th January Tracey returns to teach 12.30pm Sprint.


Just a reminder that all RPM classes are now 45mins starting from January 2nd.