Hi Members,

Your group exercise and gym updates for the following week are:

Saturday 28th September

  • 7am                   RPM  is with Linda
  • 7.30am            DWEX is with Vicki.
  • 8am                 Body Pump is with Marie (this is a 45min class)
  • 8.30am            Sprint is with Linda

Sunday 29th September

  • 9am                 Body Pump is with Maria

Monday 30th September

  • 9am                 Sprint is with Jayson

Tuesday 1st October

  • 7am                       Aqua Fit is with Stella
  • 9am                       Int DWEX is with Stella
  • 6pm                       RPM is with Linda

Wednesday 2nd October

  • 10.15am              Body Pump is with Kinnie
  • 12.30pm              Sprint is with Linda
  • 4.45pm                 HIIT is with Kamila

Friday 4th October

  • 7am                       DWEX is with Candice
  • 10.15am              DWEX is with Candice


PH Monday 7th October with limited Group Ex as follows.

  • 7.15am RPM 45 mins with Richard
  • 8am DWEX with Vicki
  • 8am Body Pump with Kyleen

Gym opening hours will be 7am -12pm on the PH Monday 7th October.


Due to popular demand we are introducing a Pilates class on Saturday 5th October With Tina @ 10.15am after yoga.

Friday HIIT with Steve will be at the new time of 9.30am instead of 10am as of Friday 4th October.

Please don’t forget to bring your own lockers for the members changerooms.