Group Exercise and Gym Updates 25 – 31 Jan 2020

Hi Members!

Your group exercise updates for the next week are:

Saturday January 25th

  • 7.30am DWEX is with Jenny
  • 8am Pump is with Kyleen

Sunday January 26th

  • Classes as usual
  • 9am Pump is with Kyleen

Monday January 27th

No classes the centre is closed.

Tuesday January 28th

  • 5.30pm Sprint is with Tracey. This is a new class!!!
  • 6.10pm Sprint is with Tracey . This is a new time!!!

Wednesday January 29th

  • 7am DWEX is with Vicki.
  • 10.15am DWEX is with Vicki
  • 12.30pm Sprint is with Jayson
  • 4.30pm Yoga is with Kyleen

 Thursday January 30th

  • 8.30am RPM will be a freestyle spin class with Kristy.

Friday January 31st

  • 10.15am DWEX is cancelled due to a swimming Carnival.
  • 8am DWEX is with Jenny. This is in place of the 10.15am DWEX that is cancelled.


Other news: 

  • Thursday RPM at 5.30pm with Kristy will be a freestyle class for 45mins.
  • New on Tuesdays Tracey is teaching back to back sprint classes at 5.30pm & 6.10pm.
  • Friday 31st January changes to DWEX timetable due to swim carnival.
  • No 10.15am DWEX. We will run an earlier 8am class instead.