Hi Members,

Your Group Exercise updates for the next week are:

Saturday 21st September

  • 7am                  RPM  is with Candice
  • 7am                  Boxing is with Kamila
  • 7.30am            DWEX is with Vicki
  • 8.30am            Sprint is with Kinnie

Sunday 22nd September

  • 9am                 Pump is with Maria

Monday 23rd September

  • 9am                  Sprint is with Jayson
  • 4.45pm            RPM is with Julia

Tuesday 24th September

  • 7am                 Aqua Fit  is with Stella
  • 9am                 Int DWEX is with Stella
  • 9pm                 RPM is with Linda

Wednesday 25th September

  • 10.15am          Pump is with Marie
  • 12.30pm         Sprint is with Linda

Thursday 26th September

  • 8.30am            RPM is with Linda
  • 5.30pm            Sprint is with George

Friday 27th September

  • 7am                 DWEX is with Candice
  • 10.15am          DWEX is with Eugine
  • 4pm                 RPM is with Kelissa


– 2 of our pump classes currently have very low attendance & are risk of being removed from the timetable if attendance continues to be low: Tuesday 4.15pm Pump class & Thursday 5.30pm Pump class.

– Friday morning 10am HIIT class numbers also have a low attendance. Please come along & support these classes if you wish to see them kept on the timetable.

Jenny our Dwex instructor is off for 3 months having a knee replacement & it is important for members to check the board to see who will be covering her classes during this time. These instructors may vary from week to week.