Hey Members!

Next week’s Group Exercise + Gym Updates include:

Saturday 19th October

  • 7am Boxing will be with Kamilla
  • 7.30am DWEX will be with Vicki

Sunday 20th October

  • 9am Pump will be with Maria

Monday 21st October

  • 9am Sprint is with Jayson
  • 5.30pm Yoga will be with Laila

Tuesday 22nd October

  • 7am Aqua Fit will be with Stella
  • 9am Int DWEX will be with Stella
  • 6pm RPM will be with Linda

Wednesday 23rd October

  • 10.15am DWEX class will be with Stella
  • 12.30pm Sprint will be with Linda
  • 4.30pm yoga will be with Kyleen

Friday 25th October

  • 7am DWEX will be with Candice
  • 8AM DWEX will be with Stella (Additional class due to carnival)
  • 10.15am DWEX is cancelled due to us hosting a Swim Carnival
  • 4pm RPM will be with Kelissa


  • Don’t forget we have introduced a new Pilates class on Saturday mornings  with Tina @ 10.15am after yoga.
  • Friday HIIT with Steve is running at the new time of 9.30am instead of 10am.
  • No DWEX class Friday 25th October at 10.15am due to swim Carnival Event. We have added an additional 8am class with Stella.