Hi Members!

Your group exercise updates for the next week are:

Saturday January 18th

  • 7.15am Power up is with Kamila
  • 7.30am DWEX is with Vicki
  • 8am Pump is with Kyleen

 Sunday January 19th

  • 9am pump is with Wendy

Monday January 20th

  • 5.30pm Yoga is with Laila

 Wednesday January 22nd

  • 12.30pm sprint is with Jayson
  • 4.30pm Yoga is with Kyleen
  • 4.45pm HIIT is with Kamila

Other Changes:

New to the timetable: Due to popular demand we are adding an additional Sprint Class. As of Tuesday 21st January we will be running a back to back sprint class @ 5.30pm & again 6pm. Tracey will be your instructor for both classes. This class will run until the end of March at this stage.

Fridays at 5.30am: Box, Run, Spin is now Box, Spin with Candice.

Other changes later in the month:

Friday 31st January – Due to a swim carnival the 10.15am DWEX will be cancelled. We will run DWEX at 8am instead for that day only. Your instructor will be Jenny.