Group Exercise and Gym Updates 16 – 22 Nov 2019

Hi Members!

The Group Exercise and Gym updates for the next week are:

Saturday 16th November

  • 7.30am DWEX is with Stella
  • 9.15am Yoga is with Laila

Sunday 17th November

  • 9am Pump is with Kyleen

Monday 18th November

  • 7am DWEX is with Barb
  • 9am Sprint is with Jayson
  • 5.30pm Yoga is with Laila

Tuesday 19th November

  • 7am Aqua fit is with Stella
  • 9am Int DWEX is with Stella
  • 5.30pm DWEX is with Stella
  • 6pm RPM is with Linda
  • 7pmĀ  Yoga is with Laila

Wednesday 20th November

  • 12.30pm Sprint is with Jayson
  • 4.30pm Yoga is with Kyleen

Thursday 21st November

  • 5.30pm DWEX is with Stella
  • 6.30pm Yoga is with Allana

Friday 22nd November

  • 7am Bodyfit is with Kinnie
  • 7am DWEX is with Candice
  • 10.15am DWEX is with Stella
  • 4pm RPM is with Tracey & Kristy ( Fluoro Theme Les Mills RPM Party!)