Hi Members,

Our group exercise and gym updates for the next week are:

Saturday 14th September

  • 7am                 RPM will be a freestyle with Kristy.
  • 7.30am           DWEX is with Vicki

Sunday 15th September

  • 9am                Pump is with Kyleen

Monday 16th September

  • 9am                 Sprint is with Jayson.

Tuesday 17th September

  • 7am                 Aqua fit is with Stella.
  • 9am                 DWEX intensive is with Stella
  • 6pm                 RPM is with Kristy

Wednesday 18th September

  • 10.15am          Pump is with Maria
  • 12.30pm         Sprint  is with Linda.

Friday 20th September

  • 7am                  DWEX is with Candice
  • 10.15am           DWEX is with Eugine.
  • 4pm                  RPM is with Kelissa.

Have a great week!