Hi Members,

Your group exercise updates for the next week are:

Saturday 14th March

  • 7am RPM is with Jayson
  • 7.30am DWEX is with Vicki
  • 8.30am Sprint is with Jayson

Sunday 15th March

  • 9am Pump is with Wendy

Tuesday 17th March

  • 7am Aqua Fit is with Stella.
  • 9am DWEX INT is with Stella
  • 10.15am Mat Pilates is with Tina

Wednesday 18th March

  • 8am DWEX is with Eugine ( this class is in place of the 10.15am)
  • 10.15am DWEX is cancelled due to a swim Carnival.
  • 12.30pm Sprint will be with Jayson
  • 4.30pm Yoga is with Gay
  • 7pm Mat Pilates is no longer running in the timetable.

Friday 20th March

  • 8am Mat Pilates is with Eugine

We would like to inform our members that we will no longer be running the Wednesday 7pm Mat Pilates Class.

Also please note the changes to the DWEX classes on Wednesday 18th March due a swim carnival. 7am & 8am instead of 7am & 10.15 am. Back to normal next week.